ArtScape Lawn & Turf Professional’s annual lawn care program is designed to insure you have a healthy, weed free lawn year round. As a homeowner, your home is your biggest investment, and the quality of your lawn can either add or detract from the value of that investment. Our year round fertilization and weed control plan adds to that investment by giving you the thick healthy lawn you deserve. Also, every technician at ArtScape Lawn and Turf is certified by the Georgia Department of Agriculture with a Category 24 Turf and Ornamental Pesticide Licence. When you sign up for our year round application program we guarantee your satisfaction!



What type of turf do you have?

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The popularity of centipede grass is related to its tolerance of low soil fertility, which results in slower growth and less frequent mowing than other lawn grasses. Although there are some improved varieties, the most widely used in Georgia is a common type. It is more prone to winter injury if grown farther north but can grow in north Georgia if properly managed.

Bermuda and Zoysia

Bermuda is the most popular and durable turfgrass used for lawns in Georgia. Zoysia has a beautiful appearance when maintained properly. It grows densely and chokes out weeds under proper management. 

These are two warm season grasses that grow best during the warm months.



Tall fescue is a common lawn grass in the northern part of the Southeast. It is green year-round and is easy to re-seed if damaged. Because it is a cool season grass, tall fescue suffers during extreme summer temperatures and drought. 

It can be re-seeded yearly in the fall (best) or spring