Commercial Maintenance

With “High Impact” seasonal color services from the first mowing to the last bale of pine straw, we offer horticulturally sound maintenance practices to ensure the best appearance of your landscape. Our innovative landscape design team is exceptionally knowledgeable and prepared to give you their undivided attention. The deliverance of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction is important to us.


Turf Maintenance

ArtScape Lawn and Turf puts 30 years of experience into the care of all your landscaping needs. Our highly trained, experienced landscapers will give your property the curb appeal you are looking for. 



Mulch plays an important role in your garden by protecting the soil from wind and rain or by adding nutrients that improve plant health. Pine straw mulch is a natural material that brings several benefits to your garden. ArtScape Lawn and Turf can install fresh long needle pine straw or mulch to both protect and beautify



Water is not only essential for growth but necessary for conditioning turf to handle and recover from stress caused by heavy use and harsh environmental conditions, including drought. Let ArtScape Lawn and Turf quote the installation of a new irrigation system for your turf.